Infinidea is set up to deliver smart ideas that drive our clients’ businesses regardless of channel or geography. We believe in beautiful design, attention to detail, interaction, experimentation, collaboration and exploration.



We believe in beautiful design, attention to detail, interaction, experimentation, collaboration and exploration. We stand behind what we say, what we believe, and what we can do for our clients.  Our virtual team members come from around the world. We can offer our clients world class service with local touch no matter where marketing communication will happen.  It is important for us to be recognized as good people to work with, who inspire our clients and achieve results that speak for themselves.  Our goal is to be a great marketing company. We are in constant pursuit of excellence – with a combination people-driven success and exciting projects.


Infinidea provides solutions that help improve your performance. We provide full service marketing, so we handle everything – strategy, design, creative, copy and web. Our passion is orchestrating finely tuned marketing solutions, helping organizations in a way that gives cost effective, logical and powerful performance.  We help brands create more meaningful, targeted customer experiences, which lead to more valuable customer relationships.  Combining a range of marketing, organizational, and customer experience disciplines, we provide integrated customer-centric marketing solutions that increase lifetime value and create competitive advantage.



We recognize and accept that change never ceases. The things that lead us to where you are today are not the things that will get us to where you want to be tomorrow. We are committed to bring constant innovation to our services, our projects, and the industries we serve. We use an online project management system that gives you easy access to visuals, timescales and content. It provides an archive of our mutual work and enables us to manage each project efficiently. Whether we act as an in-house marketing team, an extended team, or as an agency partner, we can work behind the scenes or run the show. It’s your call.



We will help you to build marketing team with all the expertise and creativity needed to support your projects. Our broad experience in numerous fields enables deep market insights necessary for effective marketing planning.



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